YOU’RE OUT THERE - A FORCE OF NATURE. You’re all geared up, just to get there - and the best places are never easy.

FINDING YOUR FORCE OF NATURE. Our teams have been out looking, and we’ve gathered up some of our favourite adult, adventure grounds and out-there water sports play environments - some of them are just around the corner from our proverbial back yard.

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Chilko Lake - in the new Ts'yl-os (pronounced sigh-loss) Provincial Park, 160km southwest of Williams Lake. Surrounded by spectacular volcanic mountains, and fed by glaciers, Chilko is the largest high-elevation fresh water lake in North America.

For kayakers and canoe explorers, the journey offers clear, sapphire colored water and an abundant wilderness experience. Rafters: there are two different adventures: the moderate route near the mouth of Chilko River, or the class 4+ river raging adventure into Lava Canyon. Be forewarned, the latter is named the "White Mile," for a reason let that be a warning!

There is a natural boat launch in the mid-lake area and a concrete ramp for powerboats at the lake's north end. If mountains, wilderness and water sports are what you seek, Chilko Lake is sure to please. But be forewarned, this lake is cold so dry suits are recommended for any in water activities.

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Gun Lake is our idea of heaven, surrounded by a ridge range of snow-topped mountains - our first place is up in Bridge River Valley - go north: mark your maps at 190km N. of Whistler and 300km N. of Vancouver.

Powering up the adrenaline, this is a lake - 8km long and icy deep at 100m - that is a top spot for power-boating, wakeboarding and waterskiing. These power toys you'll find docked along private piers all around the lake. For the public there is a boat launch near the Lajoie Dam. Spending the night, outdoorsmen can head to a very popular campground on the West Side of the lake – there, and on other parts of the lake – there are lodges for rent.

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In the Stein Valley Provincial Park, the wild Stein River flows out from the Fraser River just 3.3 Km north of Lytton B.C. A class 4+ rating chutes the river to the top adventure ranking, Stein River is one of the wildest rafting experiences in Canada.

As a serious force of nature, how wild is it? The Stein River is more like a progressive waterfall cascade -- it's the steepest river that is professionally rafted in Canada (145 feet per mile drop!). Adventure? It's ideal for advanced white-water paddlers and strong rapids swimmers. Why swim? A river like this and spills are par for the course -- if you're not a power swimmer, then you probably shouldn't be going in the first place.

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The heart of our brand, our force of nature: this is a river to be experienced. Hell's Gate is located 54 Km north of Hope right off HWY 1.

The sheer channeled walls of the Fraser River plunge toward each other, forcing the waters through a passage only 35 meters wide. For your first view, track it on the Hell's Gate Airtram and descend into the channel that early explorers called "Hell's Gate - a place where no humans should venture."

Then, get closer to this force of nature: Hell's Gate provides some of the best white water rafting in B.C. From wild foaming waves to deadly, spiraling whirlpools, Hell's Gate is a force to be tamed by adventurers the world over.

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Big, beautiful, and water sports central, for all of B.C. Okanagan Lake is 135 km long and 5 km across at its widest point, ranging 351 square km of surface area running from Penticton up to the north at Vernon. Speed thrills for water adventuring - the ideal destination - for jet skiing, wakeboarding and power boating. And daredevil? Gravity jumpers will have you checking out the cliff diving at Squally Point. For us, this is a force of nature that is unbeatable as the best in the province for water sports experiences - and, if you think you have a better spot in your corner of B.C. - send us a note, some photos to upload and we'll consider your suggestion! .

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The experience of wild white water rafting lies just one hour east of Vancouver on Highway 1: The Chilliwack River. For building up exciting action-packed river running adventure, this force of nature starts by dropping at a rate of 10.5 meters per mile. One of the river's main attractions is the Tamahi rapids, an advanced white water course for testing out the paddling skills of the Canadian National Kayaking Team, often in training there. Or chill out at nearby Chilliwack Lake, also a great place for power-boating.

A number of tour operations provide year-round trips down the river and the surrounding areas. Ask about their affordable day trips and overnight adventures.

A perfect spread of adventure opportunities, novice to intermediate, the Chilliwack River will not disappoint.

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Squamish Bay is one of the best wind and kite surfing spots in the world - a true force of nature, where the ocean meets with five rivers. The powerfully dynamic combination of the tidal surges and river currents creates the perfect storm for adrenaline adventurers looking to cut monster waves and soar into the sky.

Located off the Sea to Sky HWY, tucked behind the Village of Squamish, it is an easy drive from Vancouver.

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Are you a surfer? On the West Coast of Canada there's only one force of nature for surfing adventure: Tofino. One of B.C.'s prized gems, Tofino is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Just at the nose of Esowista Peninsula, you can get there from Highway 4 coming from both Victoria and Nanaimo. The surfing area, Long Beach, is alive with a vibrant surfing culture, and Tofino offers over 35 km of waves to ride. Join the passion: what's most surprising is how many people go during the winter season! And that chill is for the hale and hearty, water temperatures at around 6 Celsius year-round. But for any surfer, it's always about the waves. For you, strap on a dry suit and you'll be good to go.

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Sproat Lake Provincial Park is situated on central Vancouver Island, 13 km northwest of Port Alberni on the highwary to Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park. With over 200 miles of forested lakeshore, and fresh water so clean and clear you can see thirty feet down, the majority of the shoreline is uninhabited and is lined by beaches and a Douglas Fir forest.

Jump into waterskiing and wakeboarding on Sproat Lake - it can be a quiet destination at first glance - the lake rests relatively flat until late afternoon. And this isn't any tourist spot, Sproat Lake is the host for the Wakeboarding Tour Stop. Cruise out into this force of nature, take advantage of the public marina and large boat launch.

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The Discovery Islands - discover them between the mainland and the northern end of Vancouver Island. Over half a dozen islands, the area is quickly becoming a adventure destination for outdoor recreation.

For skilled boaters and sailors, the area provides a great combination of open sea and protected waterways for exploration. For ocean kayakers, a network of channels, islets, coves, inlets and beaches awaits. Boating the Discovery Islands is also an unforgettable wildlife experience, with many opportunities to view black bears, sea otters and bald eagles.

The waters in the area aren't always calm, high winds and the tides can be treacherous. Exploring this force of nature, be cautious; expect more than the normal amount of action. It's not about being a pro, know where you're going and be prepared - an adventure is about getting out there - and getting home safely.

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